Instagram Starting Point: Friday April 13, 2018 (9:45am)

Hey bookish people,

I like data! That’s why I plan on looking at the analytics provided for my Instagram account weekly and sharing it with you as well as using it as a tool for improvement. Having this baseline will give me something to compare to moving forward and can help me making changes to my strategy. It can also help you, my readers, see what’s going right or wrong with my author account. 

This blog is going to be really transparent. I’m going to be posting the real numbers from my author Instagram account for you all to see. I would be lying if I didn’t say that I was a bit nervous. Showing the real numbers means that you guys will see my failures along the way and that’s never a fun feeling. But, I do think that transparency is the only way I’ll be able to take you along on my journey and that it’ll be worth it if we all learn along the way.

If you’re hoping to grow your following with the help of this blog then I hope that you record some of this data from your account as well. Obviously you don’t have to share like I am but having it for your personal reference isn’t a bad plan. These analytics are only available for those of you with business accounts and it’s the main reason my author account is a business profile instead of a personal one.

So… how am I doing so far?

Followers: 126

Posts: 170

Not terribly impressive but that’s why I’m experimenting! I’ve actually only seen my following tip over 100 in the last few weeks so I am seeing pretty steady growth. I  hit a period of weeks before that where I just didn’t post due to some seasonal depression and I suspect it slowed my growth down considerably. 


Here’s a screen shot from my analytics.

Profile Views: 19 (-3 in the last week). I’ll be keeping a close eye on these stats because profile views can lead to follows and/or people looking to contact me. I had my first business reach out to me to connect the other week and I know that profile views will becoming increasingly important moving forward as well. 

I chose to look at a week at a time because I’m going to be breaking my mini experiments into week chunks for the sake of comparison. To be really honest I actually didn’t post every day this week so I’m kind of impressed that I was only down 3 profile views.

Reach: 250 (+89 in last 7 days)

Impressions: 606 (+102 in last 7 days)

So lets review what Reach and Impressions are. Reach is the number of unique accounts that have seen my posts. Impressions are the total number of times my posts were seen. It looks like I’ve had in increase in both this week, so that’s encouraging!


If I look at the last 30 days I can see my top performing posts. I posted about a lipstain I loved, which is pretty different from my usual posts, but it did really well. It’s a big outlier so I can’t tell you whether or not it was the hashtags that were used (which were more to do with beauty and small business) or if it’s because I tagged the company that sells it. It could also be the way the picture is laid out.

Book covers also seem to do really well and  pictures of coffee aren’t doing so bad either.

Photo Apr 13, 9 46 43 AM

Now we’ll take a peek at what kind of engagement my posts are getting. I picked the last seven days to look at for comments (there wasn’t a lot of variation compared to 30 days). It looks like pictures of my dog got the most but I think a real pattern will take a while to develop here. Increasing comments and likes are a big priority for me as I move forward so I’m keeping an eye on those statistics. Engagement can put your posts in people’s discover feeds which can lead to an increase in followers.


When I looked at the last 30 days at my posts with the most likes, it seems that book covers and coffee cups are once again Queen. This is good to know because it reinforces the strategy that I’m putting into effect over the coming weeks and months.

The last area I want to pay attention to is my use of Instagram stories. If you’ve seen stories on Instagram then you know that they have a Netflix-like quality to them because they just keep playing without you having to swipe or put in any effort. Once you start they just keep going. As of Novemeber 2017, 60% of Instagram users were posting and viewing stories and I’m sure it has only increased. That’s a huge chunk of Instagram to ignore. Especially since content on stories can be used to tell a story and engage your audience.

My major problem at the moment is that Instagram stories are not currently  giving me insights so I’ll have to troubleshoot that and get back to you!

*I contacted Instagram about the technical issue and haven’t heard back.

So that’s where I’m at with my Instagram!

I hope that as I update you we’ll see some growth and I hope that my insights and experiments help you along the way.

Let’s grow together! Be sure to follow the blog and leave me a comment to let me know what you’re biggest struggles are with Instagram as a writer. You can follow the blog Instagram account @YourBookishBrand. The account I am actively experimenting on won’t be posted for the sake of separating out success there and the blog.

Happy creating!



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