Hey Bookish People,

I wanted to talk a little bit about what my  morning looks like. As a morning person there is a huge benefit to waking up early and using that time wisely. Morning is when I come up with my best ideas, write my best work, and feel most motivated. I know that this won’t apply to everyone, and if you’re a night owl I won’t even push you to consider it, but I wanted to provide a baseline for future reference as I tweak my morning routine. This blog is going to cover personal and creative optimization so it’s helpful to know where I’m starting out!

Morning Schedule

5:30- Wake up time. If I’m being honest with you guys most mornings I lay in bed for 15 minutes to half an hour looking at my phone ( a habit I know I need to break).

6:00- I make coffee and then sit down to meditate for ten minutes.

6:15- My first sip of morning coffee (bliss). Then I journal.

6:30- I check my schedule for the day and then jump into writing or editing.

7:00- A brief (ok, not so brief) interruption to spend time with my husband before he heads off to work.

8:00-12:00- Writing and editing. My only breaks in flow are to use the bathroom and grab more coffee.

Why it works

The early morning wakeup means that I utilize a lot more of my productive hours then if I was waking up at 7 with my husband. By the time I sit down for my large block of creative time I have woken up, had coffee, meditated, and feel ready to tackle it all.


Monday, Wednesday, Friday I interrupt work at 10 to go on a 3+ mile run.

While the exception might seem like a major disturbance to the schedule I actually find it incredibly useful. Running for that long is a chance to get bored and it’s usually a great time for idea production. If I’m stuck on a plot point, can’t make a decision, or need a new idea then I can count on that time to generate something.

I also find that knowing I have less time those mornings means I work harder and get less distracted then I do normally. Projects expand to fit the time you give them. It’s amazing how much I can get done when I know I have less time to do it. The mixture of long working mornings and shorter ones provides a nice balance.

Future Improvements

As you can see in my schedule there are some areas where I could improve. My 5:30 wake up time was a stepping stone to adjusting my sleep schedule after the time change, which occurred during a vacation full of sleeping in, and I’d like to wake up at 5am instead. I don’t know how early I’d ultimately like to wake up but I know that I could pretty easily wake up at 5am. Now that the sun is rising earlier I think it’ll be a step I take soon. 

I know I can also get rid of that 15-30 minutes after waking up of useless screen time. It’s a vice and it makes it that much harder to convince myself that I should get out of a warm bed. There are a number of strategies I could use to tackle this but that’ll be a blog post for another day.

There is also that loss of time in between 7 & 8 that could be improved upon, but I’m not sure I’ll change that. Being productive is really important to me but so is the time I spend with my husband. The problem I see most with this chunk of time is that once he starts to get ready of the morning I tend to start looking at my phone instead of doing anything productive until he’s out the door. On good mornings I squeeze in some reading but I will endeavor to make that more frequent.

So there is my starting point for my mornings. I’ll add a goal for myself next Monday so be sure to follow the blog and see what it is! Also, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @yourbookishbrand for more frequent updates on my routine, my pitfalls, and to be a part of my community.

How does your morning routine look, friends? Leave me a comment and let me know if there’s anything you’d like to change about your morning routine.

Happy Creating!


3 thoughts on “How I Structure My Mornings

  1. Agree, the earlier the better. Mornings are positive when it comes to energy, freshness and also giving us a head start. I get up at quarter to 6 but have been trying to prepone it to 5 without success.


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