Hi Bookish People,

You’d think that the mistake I made this week was painfully obvious but when you write your blog posts before that first cup of coffee kicks in you mess up sometimes. So I realized this morning while running that I had noted by Instagram data on Friday of last week but I had only posted my goal on Monday. A weeks worth of data only gives me 5 days worth of strategy data. This might not be such a big deal if my goal wasn’t to see how consistent posting for a full week impacted my Instagram stats!


What I’ve decided to do is to keep my data collection on Friday for the sake of consistency, and I’ll implement my new strategy as soon as the data is collected. I just won’t tell you what the change is until I post on  Monday. So be sure to follow the blog to keep track. Bonus points for anyone who figures out what the change is ahead of the post on Monday!

Now back to the stats.

I spent some time thinking about what I could measure if it didn’t involve weekend posts and I realized that I’ve been paying a lot more attention to picture quality this week. So let’s see how better pictures with consistent categories performed.

Last week:

  • Followers: 140 
  • Posts: 177

I saw my followers increase by 14 this week. Encouraging!

Photo Apr 20, 11 15 32 AM


On the other hand my Reach (number of unique accounts that see my content) decreased by 14.  At least my impressions increased this week by 83. My best guess for the drop in Reach is that last week contained a tagged post and this week did not.

Photo Apr 20, 11 15 24 AM

My profile visits more than doubled this week. I had 19 profile visits last week and 40 this week which was an impressive spike. I even had two clicks over to my writing blog which I don’t think has ever happened before.

Another thing I noticed from this data is that I need to do a much better job of posting on the weekends. Check out that spike in profile visits on Sunday! I’m really excited to see how this weekend goes.


Of the things I’ve posted in the last 7 days, a video of a bathing flamingo did the best (I suspect short videos do better on Instagram than pictures do), followed by a picture with a tagged location. In case you were wondering why on earth I have a video of a flamingo taking a bath on my Instagram page it’s because I volunteer with them at my local zoo and they are one of my Instagram categories.

Photo Apr 20, 11 16 27 AM

When it comes to Likes, my pictures of flowers in the Caribbean is tied with my bathing flamingo video. Surprisingly the quote I put up did the worst.


Last, but not least, I’ll look at my comments. A picture of my dog got two comments but one was spammy and the other was from me, so apparently bathing flamingos reign supreme this week. I have no idea what to do with that information.

There’s this weeks breakdown and commentary. I hope you enjoyed following along! If you want to see last weeks post check it out here.  Be sure to follow the blog so you can see the Monday reveal and learn how I changed my Instagram strategy this week. Oh, and you can also follow the Your Bookish Brand Instagram account for extra insights and tips.

Happy Creating!



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