Good Morning Bookish People!

If you’re following along then you’re waiting for me to reveal what I’m changing about my Instagram strategy for this week.

Instagram Growth

Last week I improved the overall quality of my photos and committed to posting daily and saw a nice increase in followers and reach. This week I’ll continue with daily posting and I’ll be working on the first sentence of my captions. When people are scrolling through their feeds, or the explore feed, they only see the first couple of lines of text. Ideally we want people to click more and read our full captions and that first sentence can make the difference. So that’s where I’m putting my attention this week.

Personal Growth

In the personal realm I’m working on drinking water right after I wake up (see my Miracle Morning Review) and waking up at 5am instead of 5:30.

I’ve been working on drinking water while my coffee is brewing since I posted my review of Miracle Morning and I’ll give myself the rest of the week to form a final opinion. Other than not feeling thirsty I don’t know that drinking water in the morning has made any noticeable impact. On the other hand there are probably health benefits that I’m not seeing and there’s no reason not to continue.

Now for my confession… I would have woken up at 5am this morning if I had charged my Fitbit (which is my alarm). I forget to charge it on occasion because my body is used to waking up at 5:30 and I don’t need it most of the time. Which means I woke up at 5:30 today. But tomorrow is another day (and my Fitbit is on the charger right now)!

Look for a post a little later where I talk about how I’m crafting those the first sentences of my captions. Be sure to follow the blog so you don’t miss it!

What are your goals for growth this week? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

Happy Creating


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