Happy Friday Bookish People!

I’m back to give you all an update on how I did with my Instagram and personal experiments for the week.  If you missed the post on Monday saying what my goals were you can see it here. 

Other than Monday I have managed to stick with my goal of waking up at 5am. I will admit that it takes me a while to feel awake but I’m sure that will ease as my body gets used to the new routine. I have found that the earlier wake up time has made me even more productive so it’s a change that is here to stay in my routine.

Now let’s talk about Instagram.

Here are my stats for the week of April 21-27, 2018:

  • Followers: 137
  • Posts: 183

If you caught last weeks post then you probably noticed that my followers actually went down. Ouch. Now, I think i’m 100% responsible for this and it was totally caused by human error. It went all the way down to 132 at one point this week so I have gained some followers back.

I was starting to feel that my feed was getting cluttered with too many posts that didn’t feel relevant to me or my work so I unfollowed over 50 accounts. A few of them obviously unfollowed me as a result. Oops. Sorry for screwing up the data that way but I’m looking at the drop in followers as a way to clear out people who aren’t my audience anyway.


After last week’s strange but awesome spike in interactions with my profile it did drop by 17 profile visits and I had no clicks on my website.  My reach also decreased by 40 accounts (perhaps all those I unfollowed?)  but my impressions went up by 72.

This week it looks like I did get quite a bit of impressions on Saturday so it I think it’ll be worth it to keep posting during the weekend.

photo-apr-27-8-21-13-am1.pngI’ve decided to start including engagement, total likes and comments,  so that I can see how my account is doing overall in that department. A flat lay book post did the best this week and was followed by another flat lay photograph. People seem to like the styling.


I didn’t do spectacular in the Likes department either and I did see an overall decline. Again, a flat lay photograph did best and surprisingly my flamingo friend snuck into the second place finish. A photograph of myself did the worst. Thanks guys.


Finally some good news! My comments more than doubled this week with a total of 9 comments. I had high engagement on a book cover post and someone did actually like the picture of me (or really the post underneath it) enough to comment. So I would call my experiment with engaging first lines a success! You can find out how to write your own here. 

photo-apr-27-8-20-26-am.pngLast but not least I wanted to see what photographs had the most impressions. Flamingos took first place, followed by two flat lays and a cup of coffee. This information will be good to have as a I think about my Instagram categories and see which are performing well and which ones might need to reevaluated.

So that’s the week in brief. Next week I’ll try my best not to do anything terribly dumb so I can give you guys a good report on how my strategies are actually working. Look for the post on Monday to see what my next Instagram strategy tweak is. Follow the blog to make sure you don’t miss it and follow the Instagram account to see updates on my progress.

Happy Creating!


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