Hey Bookish People,

Today I’m reviewing the book Crushing It by Gary Vaynerchuk. I’ll be upfront at the beginning of this review, I kind of wish I could get the hours back I spent reading this book so I could read something else. The book is supposed to teach you how great businesses build their influence using the most popular social media platforms.

My main gripe with this book is how much time Mr. Vaynerchuk spends talking about his previous book. Instead of giving useful information he references information that was in his last book and never tells you the strategy he’s talking about. The next thing that annoyed me is the number of success stories from people who had read his last book. I just think that 80% of this book is Mr. Vaynerchuk trying to get you to buy his last book through testimonials. Which would be fine if this wasn’t its own book.

The main take aways from the book are 1) work harder than anyone else, 2) reach out to people on social media, 3) pay attention to emerging platforms. I wasn’t terribly impressed with the scope of the advice he gave for Instagram but I do think his advice to pay attention to voice first and other emerging technologies was worth noting. Perhaps this book would be life changing to someone who had never thought about social media a day in their lives but it’s not going to surprise most of us.

In case it wasn’t clear skim this one if you must, but I’d spend my marketing research hours elsewhere.


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