Hey Bookish People,

I apologize for not posting this weekend! Every have one of those weeks where everything you’ve been working on for months on end comes to a close in a two day span? That was my weekend. So now that I’m blissfully free of those obligations I’m going to take a nice long day to myself and I’ll be back to the blog and Instagram account tomorrow.

For today I’ll tell you what I’m doing to tweak my Instagram account this week. I am setting a pretty modest goal to make at least 5 comments a day on Instagram accounts I follow.

I’m doing this because I believe that commenting is the quickest way to build community and that building a community is the best way to make sure that your content catches people’s attention. I’ve realized that the people whose content I comment on are the people that are most likely to pay attention to my posts and are more likely to engage with the content. I would like to increase that and finally commit to using my time on Instagram in a productive way.

Honestly, I’m not setting any personal growth goals this week other than to follow my schedule and to get back into better habits. It’s been a week of too much sugar and coffee consumption and I just need to focus on getting back to normal.

If you want to see how this impacts my engagement and account growth be sure to follow the blog! If you have any questions about using Instagram to grow your author platform you’re always welcome to reach out to me in the comments, via email, or through the Instagram account for this blog.

Happy creating!



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