Hey Bookish People,

Sorry that part two took so long to get posted! If you saw my post yesterday you know that last week was absolute chaos but here is the promised part two of planning your Instagram posts!

Day of:

The day before my photo shoot I know what I’m going to take photographs of, have my props gathered, picked out a location with good light, and know what backgrounds I’m going to use. The day of the shoot there are still a few last second prep items that I have to tend to.

  • Brewing coffee
  • Preparing tea
  • Arranging food

I tend to work with food less because it is time consuming but when I have tea and coffee in my pictures I brew that the day of because I’m not sure I ever have leftover coffee sitting around (although I frequently forget about steeping tea).


I usually shoot with my iphone camera and I don’t think you need anything fancier than that to get your photographs. The day of:

  • Make sure your phone is charged!!!
  • Clean the camera lens (it’s probably full of smudges).
  • Make sure you have enough memory for all those pictures you’re about to take.
  • Make any necessary phone updates


Now that our props and camera are ready we can start arranging our items. You can either lay out your photographs one at a time or lay out a few photographs at a time and shoot them in one go. I personally only do one at a time which does take more time but I also am never satisfied with the layout the first time.

Don’t be afraid to move things around!

I will often take a picture of my layout and then adjust depending on what ends up in the frame. Not everything has to make it into the picture. Be willing to pivot if things don’t work out or you think of something better. Take pictures from different angles, take them up close and a little further away and see what works best.

Tip: I take all my pictures for Instagram with my phone camera setting on square pictures. This ensures that you won’t have to crop pictures and that what’s in the frame will be what you post on Instagram.

And have fun with it! I know that photography is a long way off from writing since it’s a visual art but I try to think of it in terms of a storytelling medium. If you frame your pictures in terms of the story you’re trying to tell your Instagram followers about yourself then it becomes a little more interesting. I also think that learning a visual art has helped my writing. I always thought of myself as a word person and now I’m learning to branch out.

Go through the list that you put together ahead of time and make sure you have covered everything you need. I would also recommend looking back through your pictures to make sure that there’s nothing you would like to reshoot.

When you’re satisfied with the number of pictures and the way they look then you’re all done!

What next?

When I’m done taking all those pictures I congratulate myself on getting a ton of work out of the way! Then I go through and delete anything that clearly went horribly wrong and won’t get posted. I will also use a photo editor to play with any images that I don’t feel are quite right (but I don’t think this is a necessary step).

You can also batch your captions ahead of time. I like to write my captions up on my Mac in Notes because they automatically upload to my phone and I can just copy them into Instagram without any problem.

If you’d like to learn how to write eye-catching captions that have been increasing my engagement, check that post out here. 

Be sure to follow the blog for more posts like this and feel free to leave a comment letting me know what you’d like to see more of.

Happy creating!


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