Hey bookish people,

If you caught my blog post on Monday then you know that my experiment this week is to see if leaving more comments on other’s posts will increase the engagement on my own page (see the blog post here). Well, It’s only been a few days and I have had some insights on this experiment that I want to share.

The most important takeaway is to GIVE OTHER PEOPLE SOMETHING TO ENGAGE WITH.

I know that this is something I touch on in my post about first lines of your captions, but I don’t think that even I realized how important it was until I forced myself into a daily commitment to comment on people’s posts. It has troubled me the last few months how unmotivated I often feel to post on anyone else’s posts but I think I can finally see why that is. There is a shocking lack of posts that are easy to engage with! I have been struggling to find 5 posts a day among the 250 accounts that I follow!

I want you to think about what that means for you in terms of growing your audience and engagement. If you are the 1 account out of 100 that gives your audience something to engage with then you’re really ahead of the game. You’re also more likely to have someone engage with you.

So, I’m not saying anything terribly new, but do yourself a favor and ask your audience questions (preferably in the first line), ask for their opinions, ask for recommendations. Look at your captions and ask yourself if you could use it to start a conversation. People are looking for that connection on social media and you can be one of the few that encourages it.

Rant over.

I hope that this post is the kick in the pants you need to think about audience engagement on your Instagram account. Follow the blog for other insights, tips, and to follow along on my journey as I grow my author Instagram account one experiment at a time.

Happy Creating!


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