Hey Bookish People,

Time for my weekly update on my Instagram experiment. I posted a few days ago about the challenges I was facing with my task and I have to say, it never really got any easier! So, while my goal was to comment on 5 posts a day it ended up being 3 a day. While I was excited to interact I just couldn’t commit to spending my whole day scrolling and searching for something to interact with.

Now, this was just for the accounts I already follow. There is certainly potential to search out other content and to comment on that in the future and I think that I’ll make that one of my weekly challenges another week.

Now how did my account do?

Photo May 11, 7 48 46 AM

As of today I have:

  • Followers: 144 (+2)
  • Posts: 197

Obviously my growth this week wasn’t spectacular but I have seen some fluctuation in my numbers with a trend going up, so I see that as an overall win. This week was more about engagement anyway.

My reach was down by 7 people which seems like it’s within the range of normal. My Impressions did go back up by 217 and I had 3 more profile visits then last week.

Let’s look at engagement then:


A selfie from the aquarium got the most engagement (although none of them were comments!) and a picture from the farmers market and my border collie tied for second. Surprisingly my flat lay photographs, which did really well last week, did worst.


Surprisingly a selfie got the most likes, which I find strange considering how badly the last picture of me did, followed by my dog (she is pretty cute). Really the number of likes on these pictures just surprises me. This week kind of just violates all the patterns I’ve been seeing the last couple weeks.


Now for the data I was most excited to see! I had hoped that my comments would increase with commenting on other accounts and I am happy to say that my comments were higher this week then the last few! While 12 comment in one week isn’t the most exciting thing to happen, it certainly does show an improvement and a reason to keep up commenting on accounts when I see the opportunity. Community building is important!


My impressions were higher than last week but like my observations about my Likes this week, I don’t see a real pattern. This week was a strange one and I’m hoping that being able to see my data over time will help me make better sense of it.

Well, that’s it for now. I will call the increase in comments this week a success for commenting on other people’s posts! I’ll be adding this to my Instagram strategy and I’ll attempt to increase it as well.

Be sure to follow the blog so that you’re sure to see my post on Monday about what this week’s Instagram experiment is! You can also follow the Instagram account for this blog here. It’s a space for my to give more frequent updates and to have conversations about what’s working for you.

Happy Creating!



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