Good Morning Bookish People,

I’m excited to try something a bit different this week that focuses on building community on Instagram. Last week I worked on commenting on other people’s photo’s in order to increase engagement and this week I’m looking to increase my following.

Those of us who are writers and #bookstagrammers have probably seen Instagram posting challenges in the past. It’s usually a post on Instagram that has its own hashtag and a list of things to post for 30 days. I have strayed away from these challenges ever since I developed more solid categories to post about but when I participated in the past I do feel like it helped me find interesting people and helped people find me. After a bit of searching I found a challenge that I’m going to jump into for the week that still fits with my categories.

I don’t know that this strategy of posting exclusively challenge pictures will work long term but I think it might work well as a larger part of an Instagram strategy. I’ll be testing it for the rest of the week without a break but I imagine that you’d get some of the same benefit picking and choosing days that you like the prompts and posting those days. I also suspect that you might benefit from dabbling in several Instagram challenges at once, but those are experiments for another week!

So here’s the post that I’m pulling from this week:30926834_399939900474542_1071159315999490048_n

I spent some time looking through various challenges that are ongoing and this is the one that I feel will fit best with my plans for the week. I have already planned out my week of posts and I’m looking forward to seeing how this particular strategy works out.

Do you participate in Instagram posting challenges? How have they worked for you? I’d love to hear about it in the comments. Follow the blog to make sure that you see the results!


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