Hey Bookish People,

I wanted to touch on something that I haven’t on this blog yet: Instagram stories. I haven’t been avoiding the topic so much as I had a lot I wanted to cover on the basics of Instagram before I touched on the topic. I’ll be posting more about Instagram stories moving forward and will probably incorporate them into my experiments in the future.

So why bother with Instagram stories at all? It might seem like more work to do but if you’re not using Instagram stories then you are leaving out half of the 500 million daily users of Instagram. This feature of Instagram allows you a story telling medium that the regular Instagram feed lacks. While our feeds need to be picture perfect curations with themes and color schemes, our stories can be a little different every day and they can help us form better relationships with our audience that is viewing them.

Things I Post:

  • I take my audience through my day: writing routine, strange happenings, hilarious moments.
  • I use my Instagram story to update my audience on projects: Updates can get lost on your Instagram feed where people might scroll right past your good news.
  • I take my audience on ‘field trips’ with me: Show people around your city. I post photos and videos when I go to new places, whenever I end up at the zoo to volunteer, or anywhere that’s particularly photogenic. I’m pretty lucky to live in beautiful Seattle but there are probably points of interest to help you audience connect with you and where you live.
  • How to’s: If you want to teach your audience something use a combination of pictures, text overlay, and video to help them learn something.
  • Book reviews: I haven’t done a video review for my audience yet but I think that the short video format of Instagram stories would be a great place for an occasional quick book review.
  • Pictures I love that don’t fit my theme: I’m a multifaceted person and I can’t always fit everything about me and my creative life into a picture on my Instagram feed so I use my stories to post things I’m in love with and need to share. Show your enthusiasm!

In short, yes, Instagram stories are something we should be leveraging for building our brands and engaging our audience. Use stories to keep your followers up to date and invested in your life and projects. It’s a useful tool and I think it’ll serve us well to invest the time.


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