Hey Bookish People,

Last week I set the goal of participating in an Instagram posting challenge that was part of the Bookstagram community. If you’ve never seen one before they’re usually a single post with a collection of daily prompts and when you post you use a hashtag that is specific to that month and challenge. It’s a way to join a community of people with similar posting interests and it’s always fun to search through the hashtag and see what others come up with.

So how did I do?

Followers: 153 (+9)

Posts :204

Growth was a lot better this week than last where I only gained 2 followers. Growth has been slower than I was hoping but it does seem that participating in posting challenges does help a bit.

Photo May 18, 9 09 04 AM

I had 3 less profile visits than last week, my reach went down by 19, and my impressions dipped a depressing 188 views. I have a theory about why and I talk about it a little further down.


My engagement was lower this week than last week and I think it has to do with photos I didn’t time very well over the weekend. I dropped the ball a bit but it does seem that the photos that were part of the posting challenge were among some of my best received posts.


There wasn’t much variation between my likes and engagement this week.


After last week where my priority was commenting on other people’s posts I was a little surprised to see the dip in my comments! Just 5 to last weeks 12. Oh well. This is a lesson that my participation in the community isn’t something I get to slack on.


Ouch. My impressions went down quite a bit this week. I suspect that this is because there was much less diversity in my posting strategy this week than there normally is. Because I used many of the same hashtags every day that were centered around books there wasn’t space for people searching outside of those hashtags to see my posts. I think this is something interesting to keep in mind.

I will say that my biggest gripe about participating is that this week the majority of my posts ended up being book covers. While those have done traditionally well (and I had a ton of backlogged books to take pictures of) it left my feed feeling a little repetitive this week. I know I shouldn’t feel that way since almost all of Bookstagram is focused on one topic but it was a deviation from my normal feed.

While I appreciated the new followers and the simplicity of having my posts planned for me, I think this is likely a strategy I will dabble in instead of using all the time. I think that for June I will gather up all the posting challenges I come across and then see which days are compelling enough to participate and which aren’t. This way I can still have a few days planned out in advance and can participate in several posting communities over a month. I think that this combined with my normal posts will be a better representation of my own style and interests.

That was a longer post than I was expecting! To find out what next weeks’ challenge is going to be, be sure to follow the blog. If there is anything about my experience that you’re interested in learning more about feel free to leave me a comment.

Happy Creating!



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