Hey Bookish People,

Sorry that this post is going out so late today. I try to stay on top of getting my Friday update out early in the day but I had a minor family emergency. Pixie, my dog and favorite little writing companion, got bit by another dog and I had to take her to the vet to get checked out. Needless to say I had other things to tend to. The good news is that she is going to be fine after a little rest and some pain pills.

Pixie, the cuddle-loving sun-worshipper, on a better day

Now, back to Instagram things. So this week I set the goal of liking 50 posts each day from relevant hashtags. I’ve heard the advice that liking lots of posts is a strategy for increasing your number of followers and I wanted to test it out for myself. So how did my following do?

Followers: 155 (+2)

Posts: 212

Ouch. This strategy did not pay off for me at all. It takes a ton of time to go through and find posts that are relevant to my account and worth actually liking (I wasn’t liking just anything). Of course, there is other data to consider when looking at success on Instagram overall so let’s see how I performed in other areas.


If I’m looking at profile visits, this strategy resulted in more profile visits than last week (+13) which makes some sense since I was interacting with more accounts. My reach also increased by 16 accounts, which is good but my impressions overall were lower by 22 (that’s probably ok). So, I was exposed to more accounts and had more profile views with this strategy but it didn’t translate into follows.


Next I’ll take a look at overall engagement with the posts for this week. I had a ton of engagement with a picture of my workspace and another picture of a workspace got an above average number of likes. Apparently I need to post more about this particular topic. I didn’t think either of those pictures were of particularly good quality. The only thing different that stood out to me is the # I used (#amoutlining). Sometimes I think the success of certain posts can seem arbitrary but hopefully as I gather more information I’ll see a more consistent pattern.



As I mentioned before, it seems like workspace pictures were Queen this week, followed by flowers (and dogs), THEN book covers. I’m really surprised that those book covers didn’t do as well because they do well overall. Perhaps with the challenge last week I posted too many in a row for my audience? I’m curious to see if this pattern continues next week!


I did not have a good week for comments. I will admit that I didn’t do a lot of commenting myself so that played a part in the low numbers. I think that as I move forward I’d be better off putting my time into commenting on posts of accounts I follow instead of liking posts from other accounts.


My impression were lower this week than last but my top performing post in impressions was higher than the one from last week. I think this is stronger evidence that the #’s might have something to do with it and I’ll be looking a little closer at that when I post next week.

So that’s the overview. I was not a fan of this week’s strategy and I don’t think I’ll be trying so hard to like posts from accounts outside of my following in the future. It’s proving to be better to have nice pictures than putting in all that extra effort to gain 2 followers.

I have my next Instagram challenge all picked out and I’ll tell you about it on Monday, so be sure to follow the blog! I’d love to hear any questions you might have about Instagram or writing in the comments. Thanks for reading.

Happy Creating!

Bonus picture of Pixie, just because:



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