Hey Bookish People,

I wanted to take a post and look back on the Instagram experiments I have done so far with the blog and tell you what strategies have worked the best. Click on the links to see the related posts packed with tips. I’m hoping to do an update like this monthly so be sure to follow the blog to see what has worked on Instagram and what hasn’t for my author/bookstagram account.

  • Good picture quality– This has been one of the most successful tweaks to my Instagram account. Taking the time to take a months worth of pictures ahead of time and paying attention to lighting and photo composition improved my account a lot. Read some basic photography tips and go practice. I take pictures pretty much everywhere I go now and sometimes I even surprise myself with a great one.
  • Commenting– The week I had the most interaction with my account so far was the week that I spent commenting on other people’s posts. If you read the update you know that it was a struggle to find interesting content to comment on, but it was worth the payoff longterm in terms of engagement and developing relationships.
  • Post daily– I frequently missed out on engagement and impressions by not posting during the weekend because I’m typically so busy I forget to post. Ever since I saw the results of daily posting I’ve made sure to plan ahead and have my posts ready to go on days that I won’t have time to stage a photo and write a caption.
  • Write engaging first lines– When you write your captions for your Instagram posts make sure that they’re eye catching and make people want to interact. This was illustrated painfully when I was looking for posts to comment on and found that most posts were terribly written (if they had a caption) and didn’t invite any conversation at all. 
  • Participate in posting challenges– I found a lot of success in terms of new followers after participating in a posting challenge that I found through Instagram. These posts are a great way to connect with a community. There are almost always a writing or a Bookstagram challenge out there if you look.

Now for the things that I tried that I would not recommend.

  • Liking lots of posts from accounts you don’t follow– Feel free to like content that catches your eye but don’t rely on it as a strategy for gaining followers. I see this advice frequently but it did almost nothing for gaining followers or engagement. Perhaps I’ll try again another time but for now I’m not going to recommend this.
  • Don’t unfollow a ton of accounts– This was a dumb mistake but I think it’s important to point out. In order to streamline my Instagram feed I unfollowed accounts that I realized didn’t fit well with my brand. This is the result of being more in touch with what my brand looks like. This is probably a good thing long term but I lost quite a bit of followers over the next two weeks as a result. Instead be more mindful about the accounts you do follow so that you don’t have to cull your feed like I did.

I hope that you enjoyed this post. Do any of these strategies work particularly well for you? Leave me a comment and let me know. Also, be sure to follow the blog to see my weekly Instagram experiments, creativity and productivity tips, and summary posts like this one.

Happy Creating!


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