Hey Bookish People,

The other day I posted a recap of the last few successful Instagram experiments I had done and one of them was improving my picture quality. I was thinking about it this morning and I realized that I haven’t really talked about what you can do to improve your pictures. I’ve been hesitating a bit because I wouldn’t consider myself a photographer but I have been trying to improve and I can at least share what I’ve learned so far.

Let’s start with equipment. You don’t need anything other then your camera phone. If you have a really awesome camera then use it, but you’re probably already a way better photographer than I am. 🙂 I’ve been using my Iphone 7 plus and I’m really happy with the picture quality.

The first thing I recommend before we take any pictures is to make sure the lens of your camera is clean and free of any smudges. Take a second to wipe it off before you start taking pictures. This alone will probably save you a lot of frustration.

You’ll also want to pay good attention to lighting. Lighting can be tough if you live somewhere like the Pacific Northwest like I do, but sunlight is best. Save yourself the cost of fancy lighting and just find a window that lets in a lot of natural light. I know the sunniest places in my house and the times of day I can shoot. Practice and you will too.

If you’re using a phone camera that gives you the option to shoot square photographs then do that. It helps you see exactly what your Instagram post will look like and you won’t be disappointed when you go to post and Instagram cuts off a piece of your picture at the bottom. This has been a huge help in figuring out how to compose the layout of my pictures as well.

Don’t be afraid to move things around. This is easier if you’re taking pictures of books/office supplies/plants. Pets are going to move regardless and people might be cooperative. Either way, try moving your subject around until the picture looks right to you.

Take a lot of pictures! For every one picture I post I take somewhere between 5 and 20 pictures of the same thing and choose the one that I like best. I take them close up and far away. I move things around. I angle a book a different way. I remove something that doesn’t fit after all. It’s a process!

Try not to post the same day you take your picture. I think this tip is a good one. If you take pictures ahead of time then you have time to make sure the photograph is good quality, you can do any light editing that it might need, and you’ll have time to think about a good caption to go with it. If you’re at an event then take your picture but enjoy the evening instead of looking at your phone and posting it right then and there. Your overall picture and post quality will be better and you’ll be a lot more fun to be around.

Those are my super basic but impactful tips for taking better pictures for Instagram! I hope you found them helpful. What is your best tip for taking Instagram pictures? I always love learning something new so post it in the comments. Be sure to follow the blog and see more posts about writing and boosting your writing platform through Instagram.

Happy Creating!


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