Hey Bookish People,

I know a lot of people are wondering what on earth to post about on their Instagram stories and I wanted to talk a bit about a trend I’ve noticed that I’m a fan of. One thing that I see successful accounts do is to use their Instagram stories to draw attention to their posts, and vice versa. This can be incredibly useful because there are a significant amount of Instagram users that look at either stories or posts exclusively and don’t bother with the other, so give them a reason to check out both!

One tactic I’ve seen for doing this is to post on your Instagram story that you have a new post! The way I see this done most frequently is to post a screen shot of your Instagram grid with a sticker/gif/scribble over the newest post. This can incite curiosity¬† enough that story only users will take a peek at your new photo. You’re also showcasing your grid so that if it’s interesting people could be drawn to check it out even more. This is also helpful to draw attention to a new post if the post gets buried in someone’s feed and they miss it.

Another strategy is to mention your Instagram story in a post caption. For example, this last week my dog got bit by another dog and I had chronicled that in my Instagram story. A couple of days later I posted a picture of my pup (who was doing much better) to Instagram and mentioned in my caption that the people who followed my Instagram stories had the whole story. If you post a picture about an event to Instagram then add a candid shot, interesting details, or a funny story to your Instagram story that relates and let your audience know to check for extras in your Instagram story.

Along the same lines, consider posting behind the scenes extras. Post the failed picture, a short video elaborating on the post caption, or anything else that feels relevant to your recent post and remind them to go check out the finished product. People are interested in process and Instagram stories are a great way to include them in that!

I hope that these ideas get you thinking about how you can increase your visibility on Instagram by using Instagram stories. Do you use Instagram stories? If not, what’s preventing you from doing it? Leave me a comment and let me know! And of course, if you haven’t followed the blog yet, be sure to do so for more about Instagram for writers and other bookish accounts.

Happy Creating!


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