Hey Bookish People,

I’m recapping the results of this week’s Instagram experiment. If you read Monday’s post then you’ll recall that my goal was to comment on at least 5 posts a day from accounts I don’t follow (but posted similar content). I was hoping to see an increase in engagement with my own account by paying attention others. Let’s see how it actually turned out.

Followers: 160 (+5)

Posts: 218

On the upside I did manage to increase the number of my followers (although not by much). I kept my 7 day a week posting schedule as well.


Nothing deviated significantly from last week in terms of profile visits, reach, or impressions. Impressions saw a slight increase but that’s about it. Considering that last week I was interacting with 50+ new accounts a day and this week didn’t, I think this week didn’t go too bad.


My highest engagement post was surprisingly a selfie. Thanks awesome rose bush in my yard (I’m pretty sure it was the real star of the photoshoot)! That was followed by a book cover (yep, book covers are popular), and then my Pixie (who should have been the clear engagement winner).


Pixie did win with the most likes, followed by a book cover, followed by the selfie. It looks like commenting might have had something to do with the difference in likes and total engagement so I’m excited to see how that plays out!


Wow, I actually did pretty well with comments this week! I had a total of 16 comments this week on my posts which is actually higher than all the other weeks I tried to increase my engagement so far. That’s pretty exciting! I don’t know if commenting on other posts led to the increase alone, or if I just had really engaging posts this week, so I feel like another experiment might be needed.


I don’t have much to say about my impressions this week. Looks like all of my posts got eyes on them and nothing was terribly low or high.

I don’t feel like I had much of a takeaway from this week other than it seemed that the experiment to increase my engagement appears to have worked. I want to do another test of this to make sure it wasn’t purely coincidence but that leads me to my next point: I found the process to be a real chore. I did find some cool posts, eventually, but I did have to sort through quite a few to find the 5 posts I would comment on. I struggled with that this week but I don’t know if that’s a result of personal stress or if it sounds unmanageable over a longer period of time for me.

On the upside, I did have some good and meaningful interactions with new people and that was fun. Once I got into the flow of looking for posts to comment on it wasn’t so bad. I just had to convince myself to sit down and devote the time.

That’s the update for this week. Do you make it a point to comment on other people’s posts or do you find it intimidating/time-consuming/boring? I’d love to hear about your experiences so feel free to leave me a comment. Don’t forget to follow the blog to make sure you see what the next Instagram experiment is on Monday!

Happy Creating!



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