Hey Bookish People,

I thought a lot about what I wanted to focus on this week for my Instagram challenge and I came to the conclusion that this week I’d let my account rest without experimenting on it at all. I’ll be using the tactics I’ve adopted that were useful as I see fit but otherwise I’ll just treat this week as if I was collecting data for my new normal. I suppose I can’t make assumptions about the success of the methods I’m trying if I don’t stop and have a normal week every once in a while.

It’s also my birthday this Friday so I’m taking this week easy. I’m using this week to rest, goal set, and really think about what I want going into this next year of my life. I’m a person who puts a lot of weight on markers of time like a new year or a birthday or a new quarter. I like using it as a reminder that I can change what isn’t working, that I can start to work towards something I want, or just to take a good look at where I’m currently going.

This week won’t be all easy though. I’m still waiting (quite impatiently) for responses on two full manuscripts that I have out with agents for almost a month so I’ve decided to stress myself out more by throwing in some pitches during #Pitmad this week over on Twitter. While I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the agents with my manuscript will LOVE IT and want to sign me, I think it’s a little presumptuous to not take advantage of another opportunity to get eyes on my manuscript.

That’ll be Thursday and then I’m off on a short road trip to see my brother graduate from college and to celebrate my birthday in my old college town. A win-win.

Do you guys have anything fun going on this week? Have you participated in any Twitter pitching competitions? I’d love to hear from you in the comments! Don’t forget to follow the blog for Instagram tips and tricks for authors and book lovers and posts about optimizing your creativity.

Happy Creating!


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