Hey Bookish People,

Sorry about not posting this weekend but I had some things to celebrate. My birthday and my younger brother’s graduation from college were worth taking a short break for but I’m back and ready to talk writing and social media. So, what is my Instagram experiment for the week?

I’m going to try a tip that I’ve seen around and rarely use myself: This week I’m going to add  location hashtags in my Instagram captions. It’s a small change, and I already tag most of my posts with my city, but I think it’s worth trying out. I do think that there are probably two groups of people on Instagram when it comes to searching out posts: those that search the location tags, and those that search hashtags. Covering both bases will probably reach a wider audience.

I haven’t talked too much about hashtags on this blog yet but this week we’ll start to explore them a little more. I do think that hashtags are critically important to growing a following and throughout the week I’ll talk about the strategies I’m already using.

Don’t forget to follow the blog to make sure you see those posts! I hope you all have a fantastic week full of fulfilling work.

Happy Creating!


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