Hey Bookish People,

Yesterday we talked about the number of hashtags we should use in our Instagram posts and today we’ll talk about what hashtags you should be using. This question can be daunting but with a little bit of initial research you won’t have to spend as much time on this in the future.

Just a heads up, this post is going to be largely focusing on hashtags for writers and Bookstagram accounts, so while some of the advice will be general you have been warned!

Where to begin?

This process will be much easier if you post pictures from a set amount of Instagram categories. List them out (or just your most common picture themes) and start writing down whatever search terms you think might apply.

For example, I post a lot of book covers. I specifically post a lot of books that are written by writers of color, and even more specifically latinx authors. So within that category of tags I could include:

Super general (1,000,000+ posts on Instagram) =>

#bookstagram #bookstagrammer #books #booksofinstagram #bookshelf #bookstore #coffee #shelfie #tea  #authorsofinstagram #author #writersofinstagram #writerscommunity #writersofIG #writerslife

Better (900,000-100,000 posts). 

#bookcover #bookcovers #authors #authorslife #authorlife #authorsofIG #indieauthor #writersofInsta #bookclub #bookmark #bookshop #bookhaul #bookblog


#writersofcolor #latinxwriters #mgfantasy #fantasybooks #fantasybookcover

A really great way to find hashtags on Instagram is to use the search bar and start with #(revelvant word) and see what Instagram comes up with. It will list suggestions and you can see how many posts have used those hashtags.

While it might seem like a good idea to use nothing but super general tags on your posts I would caution against it. I use a mix. Those general hashtags can either get your post seen or let it get lost in a sea of millions of other posts where it’s harder to stand out. I prefer hashtags to be in the midrange and much prefer something in the range of 200,000-400,000 posts. That is just a personal preference though. That range feels to me that there are enough people interested in the topic without being oversaturated. Choose whatever works best for you and don’t be afraid to experiment.

I would highly recommend using a couple of niche hashtags. Looking at more niche hashtags with as few as a couple hundred posts often leads me to accounts that I connect with the most. I would even recommend following some of those niche hashtags that speak most to you so that you can keep up with content that’s being posted. You will also attract people who are more in line with what your ideal audience is.

Once you have lists of hashtags that look good then use them when you’re in a rush to pick and choose a good combination of both popular and niche hashtags to include in your post. It’s a great and convenient way to keep eyes on your account!

Tomorrow I’ll be diving into hashtags even further so follow the blog to make sure you catch it! If you have any questions feel free to reach out in the comments. By the way, if the list I posted works for you then feel free to copy it and use it as well!

Happy Creating!



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