Hey Bookish People,

Yesterday we covered selecting your hashtags and what we should keep in mind when we select them. Today we’re going to take a closer look at what other hashtags might be of interest to writers and Bookstagrammers. Hashtags provide a great path to discovery and are crucial when building your following.

When we’re stuck thinking of what hashtags to use you can consider several different categories. I’ll use a post from my Instagram account for an example.


  1. Themes & Big Ideas: This would be those more saturated hashtags like #writing #writerslife, #create, or #workspace. What is going on in your picture? Find hashtags (saturated or not) that convey what you’re showing your audience.
  2. Objects: This would include any physical object in the picture like #laptop, #coffeecup, #pen,  #notebook, and #tea. For people with lots of objects in their pictures, which seems common with Bookstagram, I’d stick with what feels most relevant and what you most want to draw attention to in your post.
  3. Brands: You might want to call attention to brands with your hashtags whether for future sponsorship, to get a shoutout, or just to show your appreciation for a product. In my example photo below I could use #Mac, #SaraMillerLondon, and #Staedtler.
  4. Aesthetic: You can also hashtag your overall aesthetic. Think along the lines of colors, styles, and moods (i.e. #Pink #Pinkandteal #coffeeshopvibes, #sundayvibes, #blackandwhitephotography, #sepia).
  5. Personal Identifiers: If you want to talk more about yourself you can include hashtags that reflect your identity. Some examples: #ladyboss, #latina, #writer, #latinawriter, #LGBT, #zookeeper, #indieauthor).Obviously not all of those hashtags go with the example picture but I wanted to provide hashtags that got you thinking about what identifiers you could start using.  I think that using hashtags that you identify with is a great way to connect with others.

There are probably many more categories that I forgot to include but I hope this is a good jumping off point when you’re feeing stuck. There are many ways to use hashtags and many different hashtags to use so keep thinking about them and consider building a list for yourself to reference.

What categories am I missing? Leave me a comment and let me know! I’m also happy to answer any questions you might have. Follow the blog to see how my experiment using location hashtags went this week and to see more writing and Instagram related content.

Happy creating!


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