Hey Bookish People!

It’s been two weeks since I’ve given an update on my Instagram account due to a ton of exciting things going on last week. The good news is that I had an experiment going this week and I’m ready to see how my account is doing and what effect it had. If you saw my post on Monday then you probably remember that this week’s experiment was pretty simple. In addition to tagging my location, I also started using a location hashtag (usually, #Seattle) to try and reach a wider audience.

Before we get too far I have a confession to make; I didn’t post on Instagram this weekend. It’s been a while since I’ve skipped a day of posting but in the midst of celebrating with family and dear friends it didn’t feel right to spend time on my phone… and that’s ok. I’m not of the opinion that social media is a commitment worth working yourself into the ground for. We show up when we can and I think audiences would prefer us to be there when we want to be instead of when we feel forced. I know I felt better being in the moment with loved ones and I did post the occasional Instagram story when it didn’t feel forced.

My other confession is that I’ve been terrible about my goal to wake up at 5am this week. I suppose I learned this weekend that I am no longer 21 years old and that staying up until the wee hours of the morning all weekend just means I’ll take a week to catch up on sleep. Oh well. Worth it! I woke up closer to on time today so I have faith that I’ll be back on track in no time.

Now to the content that you’re here for.

Followers: 171 (+11 from June 1)

Posts: 230

Considering I did nothing special to my account the week before and didn’t post consistently I think that there is some evidence that the location tag helped attract some new followers.

Photo Jun 15, 8 32 06 AM

Looking at my profile information I really wish I had paid better attention and kept data for the week of June 01-07. I participated in a few Instagram challenges for amusement and it looks like it had an impact on my reach and impressions. My impression seem back to normal but my reach is still much higher than last recorded. My profile visits are lower than normal which is interesting.

engagement For the five days I posted this week my engagement wasn’t that bad. I will admit now, even though this week was all about hashtags, that I didn’t list any on my birthday cupcake post and it got almost no attention. Oops.


Everyone liked Ashley Dog this week and her cuteness as she watched her dad go to work. I feel like my likes were about what I expected so I don’t have much to say about them other than my trend seems to be going up!


The good news is that I did get the most comments from my birthday post from those that actually saw it. My flat lay picture with a caption about writing by hand also sparked some conversation as well as my dog being adorable. The others at least got one comment each which is great! This week actually had a really good amount of comments considering the amount of posts.


My posts this week managed to get a lot of eyes on them. Even my cupcake picture with no hashtags still had as many impressions as my highest impression picture from two weeks ago. That is unexpected and awesome!

So that’s the update! The trend was positive over the last two weeks even with a couple of missed days and no experiment for a week. My accumulation of good habits on Instagram feels like it’s paying off! You can check out what has worked and what hasn’t here.

If you missed the last week I talked about hashtags:

Don’t forget to follow the blog so you can learn alongside me about growing a successful Instagram following for your author or Bookstagram account. I also write about writing and creative optimization.

Happy Creating!


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