Hey Bookish People,

This week’s Instagram experiment is going to cover new territory. This week the focus of my experiment will be on Instagram stories. I was inspired to tackle this because my weekend was full of fun things so I posted quite a bit in my stories about what I was doing and took my followers along with me. I’m curious to see if a week of consistently posting Instagram stories will have any effect on my follows and/or engagement.

Instagram stories are a great feature because it allows you to step away from the themes, ideas, and aesthetic of your Instagram grid and it’s a place where you can really let your personality shine through. I like to post anything that doesn’t fit in with the rest of my Instagram profile. This is also a place where writers can use their storytelling skills in a way that isn’t as easy with daily posting on Instagram.

So, what are my guidelines this week? Along with the daily posts to my Instagram account, I will be posting no less than three times a day to my Instagram story this week. I will include location stickers, and at least one relevant hashtag (so people who don’t follow my account can find them). I’m going to endeavor to use my stories as a story telling medium. I’ll review books, take my followers out on adventures with me, talk about my writing process, and whatever comes up this week.

If you’re feeling clueless about Instagram stories don’t worry! I’ll be focusing my blog posts for the week around using Instagram stories. We’ll talk about how to post, what to post, and fun features. I find Instagram stories to be a lot of fun so I’m excited to dive into this with you. If you haven’t already, follow the blog to make sure you don’t miss tomorrow’s post!

Happy Creating!


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