Hey Bookish People,

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s focus on Instagram stories on the blog. I really think they’re worth investing in and learning as your audience grows. Today I’m going to talk about some fun features to engage your audience in your Instagram stories.

  • Polls: This is one of my favorite feature on stories. You can add a question to your post and either leave yes/no answer options or change them to something specific. Have your audience vote on the content of your next blog post, what book you should read next, or have them help you decide your next book characters name. There are a lot of fun possibilities that help your audience connect and become invested in what you’re doing.
  • Emoji slider: Similar to polls this is a way to pose a question to you audience but it’s a way to gauge their level of interest/approval about something. Maybe you want to know how interested people are in a story idea, or your outfit, or you just want to know how cute people think your dog is. Ask away.

Audience feedback can only help to improve your account so give it a try!

Now a though on safety: Instagram is a wonderful platform that I’ve really come to enjoy using but like all social media platforms we need to think about the information we’re putting out into the world. Because Instagram stories aren’t usually curated to the same degree as our feeds we are much more likely to post in the moment. When we include our location through a location tag (or just through the photograph itself) we’re letting our entire following know exactly where to find us. I’m going to ask you to reconsider posting in the moment for this very reason. I almost never post in the moment. I let a few hours lapse for safety reasons whenever my location is obvious.

Think about how much information we’re giving out when we post things that include our location. Sometimes we’re giving out information about our routines and as our audiences grow it’s not something to take lightly. So please be thoughtful about how you’re conveying information, consider keeping some information to yourself and strike a balance that feels right to you. It’s even ok to plan what you’re going to post on Instagram stories well in advance. This is just something that was on my mind after yesterday’s post and I wanted to get everyone thinking as well.

Thanks for joining me this week in learning about Instagram stories. Tomorrow I’ll post about how using Instagram stories consistently this week worked out for my account growth and engagement. Be sure to follow the blog to make sure you see it!

Happy Creating!



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