Hey Bookish People,

Today is Instagram experiment recap day! Monday I revealed that my goal for the week was to post on Instagram stories every day 3 times a day to see how it would impact my followers and engagement. Let’s take a look at the results.

I’ll start with the basics:

Followers: 174 (+3)

Total number of posts: 237

Not my best week for follows, not my worst. I don’t think I can say that posting in my Instagram stories frequently did much for my following that my Instagram posts weren’t already doing.


My impressions are much higher than last week but my Reach, which is arguably more important, was about the same as last week. What’s most concerning is the steady decline I’ve seen in profile visits the last few weeks. I have no idea why it’s been declining but it’s something I’ll be thinking about.


This was a pretty low week for engagement. Considering that this week was higher in Impressions than previous weeks and almost equal in Reach there might have been something about what I was posting this week that didn’t work well. Some of these weren’t my best photos (I failed miserably at capturing the book cover without glare), there wasn’t a lot of flow in my grid, and I committed a crime in posting two pictures of myself which was not intentional. This week might have been a failing on my part to post good content. I’ll be thinking about that and how I can do better next week.


My likes were slightly lower than last week, not by much, but a downward trend is worth paying attention to. I think the same reasoning as above applies.


I did pretty well on comments this week although this number of comments is starting to get close to average for me which is awesome! I do spend a lot of time thinking about my captions and I feel like I wrote some good ones this week so I’m happy it’s paying off in terms of getting comments consistently. If you want to see how I write my comments, check out this post.


My impressions this week were variable but consistent with previous weeks. I’m not sure how to use this data quite yet and I think that I should start including my Reach information as well. Mostly at this point I’m using this information to see if there’s a big gap between people taking action (liking, commenting) and those seeing my posts.

If I had to give my general impression about Instagram stories I’d have to say that using them didn’t boost my account too much. I do have a handful of dedicated viewers right now (which is great!) and I find Instagram stories fun so I’ll continue posting but I’m not sure I would consider this a way to grow my following. I think that it’s an experiment worth revisiting in the future especially once my following has gotten larger to see how that impacts my account.

I still do think using stories is worth my time, even if only to stretch my creativity muscle, and I’m excited to continue to tweak that strategy as I move forward. Don’t forget to follow the blog to see what my next Instagram experiment is going to be and to catch my social media and creativity tips for writers and Bookstagrammers.

If you missed my posts this week you can check out my Instagram story advice here:

Happy Creating!



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