Hey Bookish People,

I don’t have an Instagram experiment for myself this week. I’m undertaking quite a few things for July so I’m going to make sure I can balance all of them before I throw something else into the mix. I’m also stalling on doing another experiment on my account until I get a better idea of how this recent Instagram algorithm change is impacting my account. I feel like I got really mixed results the last couple of weeks and that’s making it harder to pick something that I think might help and makes any results suspect.

I’ll be participating in Camp NaNoWriMo this month to work on the next novel in my Keepers of the Extraordinary series. I’ve been working on outlining and brainstorming the story for some time now so I’m excited to actually begin to put it down on paper and to spend more time with old characters that I really love. As you can imagine that project is going to be taking up a big chunk of my time.

I’m also going to be participating in a zero plastic July challenge with the zoo I volunteer with. Volunteers and staff at zoological institutions all around the country are competing against each other to have the most participants at their institution and to take the most actions to reduce plastic waste in their lives. I strongly believe this is an area I could do better in, and that it’s something I should get better at, so I’m doing what I can this month to reduce the plastic waste in my life.

I know that this transition will take an initial investment of time and energy but that it’ll get easier as I learn. I went grocery shopping yesterday and have already started to change some staples in my diet to have less packing and I’m looking forward to those choices being the new normal. This month is sure to be a learning process and full of baby steps.

I’m also working on rebranding and rethinking the purpose of my other blog and have made a commitment to relaunch it in August so that’ll be my other big project. This month is going to be busy but I’m excited about all the things I’ve committed to and I know that my work and life will feel more in line with my values by the end of it. It’s a good feeling!

What are you guys up to this month? Anyone else participating in interesting challenges? I’d love to hear about it in the comments! And don’t forget to follow the blog as I continue to explore Instagram, branding, and writing.

Happy creating!


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